Sunday, July 31, 2011


Remember this? Kiera Knightly perfection in the movie Atonement....I'm inspired not only by her freakishly flat tummy, but by this particular shade of green: Emerald.
It's going to be big in fashion this fall, the Middleton sisters are HUGE fans of emerald.

I love a splash of leopard with my emerald, thank you very much! (

I'm also noticing this trend of mismatched colors, which I think is really nifty. I keep trying to convince a client I'm working with right now that her blue lamp does not have to be the same exact blue as her drapes....she's not buying it. But mismatchey-ness creates some tension that I quite like, do you agree? (

Speaking of blue....I am all over the cool end of the rainbow spectrum anymore. I imagine this photo is photoshopped all to pieces, but it's a photo of the Northern Lights, via National Geographic. I want to live in this exact spot, forever. Sigh.

How to work it:

Keep it simple, with white and God's other favorite color-brown. (
I love that they extended the wall color onto the ceiling. Without all that white, and the ceiling mounted canopty it might be too heavy, but this works!

Just add a pop, and pair it with blue for a summery fresh feel. (

Stripe it with other shades of green. There's that toothpaste green again! (I recently painted the shutters on my house toothpaste green. I'm nothing, if not committed!) (

Chinoise' it up! Emerald green is a perfect alternative for predictable red or royal blue, and looks great up against black lacquer... (Lonny Magazine/ Miles Redd)

...or zebra or any other black and white graphic print (