Thursday, September 19, 2013

Paint Like Me Parties!

I just wanted to update some information about my new 'baby' new business, "Paint Like Me Party!".  Things are going really well and I feel like the biz is growing at a very manageable rate,especially given that I am still a  (pretty much) full time Decorative Artist and (without a doubt!) full time mom of 4 teenage girls! But I've done some tweaking and I wanted to share with you.

First of all...all the information about "Paint Like Me Party!" is here, in case you were wondering.

The news is that if you are in the Decatur/Warrensburg/Forsyth area, you can schedule to have your Paint Like Me Party in the art classroom at The Perfect Pair.
This is a GREAT way to host a party and not have to worry about a. cleaning your house or b. getting paint on anything. (Not that you will get paint on anything, I just know how ladies like to worry) or c. If you want to have a really big party, but don't have the space.  They are working on putting together a calendar of available dates and times for use of the classroom, but for now just contact me at   or by calling The Perfect Pair and 217-672-8822 to check availability. (Private parties held at TPP require a fee of 30.00 for use of the room)
I love  teaching in the  big HUGE! BRIGHT! classroom with plenty of room to spread out.

Also, during our couple of breaks we will take, there is a beautiful boutique for you to explore and lots of fun, one- of- a- kind items to buy. Their stock is constantly changing, it's so much fun to shop there!

The second piece of news is that I had my first Couples' Class and it was a smashing success! I had an absolute ball, and I must say that the guys REALLY got in to it. In fact the one student I dubbed 'my star student', was a hubby. (Which I must say, he was a bit smug about ;)

The couples did an amazing job of working together to make sure their canvases looked similar enough to hang side by side. I was so impressed!

* Can you guess which one was my 'star student'?  No, you can't because EVERYONE'S turned out amazing!

And finally, there have been a few canvases added to the choices of what to paint. So please, check the gallery at Paint Like Me Party's facebook page.  
 I am crazy in love with my 2 newest....The Autumn themed "Fifty Shades of Fall"

and the Holiday themed "Vintage Joy".  Both canvases have my signature HEAVY TEXTURE and lots of stuff going on in the background. 'Fifty Shades' has a background completely covered with silvery black mica flakes and 'Vintage Joy' has a sparkle paste that is crackled over a bright blue base. Fun fun!

Both of these canvases also use an embedded technique (for the leaves and ornaments) that  give a super crisp and graphic, can't- mess- it -up outline for the shapes.

My favorite newsy little bonus, is that my home studio was featured on the Sarah Jane Photography blog. The day she came to visit, I was working on Fifty Shades of Fall, and you can see more detail shots here!

I am crazy in love with the photo collages she created!  Good things are happening here at Paint Like Me Party!!!
Peace, Out!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Stir Sticks Collages

Hey all!  I had a ton of fun in my studio this week creating these stir stick collages....I had a custom order and decided to make a few more while I was at it.  I knew my laziness (ie  not cleaning off stir sticks after they are used) would come in handy someday. I LOVE these!  I love the idea of making art out of stuff you have laying around in abundance....and painty stir sticks, I have many.

"Brights"   9x 11

"Black and White"  9 x11  (also has lots of sparkley silver!) 

"Blues and Greens"  9x11

These three are for sale ("Brights", "Black and White" and "Blues and Green") through my  facebook page.    Punch & Sizzle.  Each 'painting' is 30.00 plus shipping and is framed without glass.    While you're there, I'd love it if you would like my page (if...of course, you like what you see!)  
You can even commission your own colorway!  Custom colors are 35.00 (plus shipping)  and are framed without glass.