Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gigantic, Over the Top Artwork

I'm still a little devastated that Manila Luzon didn't win RuPaul's Drag Race. I'm mad at Ru. (We are on a first name basis). Raja is funny and all, but still kind of looks like a man in drag. Manila IS a woman. Look people. THAT'S A DUDE up there. And if you didn't watch the show, believe me when I tell you, when you see Manila NOT in drag...he looks like a dude. So that's over the top artistry there.
So sometimes I am a loss for inspiration. There are only so many blog posts I can write about black and white stripes. So I just googled up my favorite Manila look and VOILA...inspiration! ( who doesn't love a Big Bird inspired ensemble anyway?)

You might be saying...'what is she selling with this?' Well GIGANTIC artworks that fill up the room, of course!!!! I am lovin' this idea and coinkidinkally....that's something I do for a living.
What a way to make a statement: Gigantic canvas. Bold Color. Abstract Funkiness.
It's the dot on the exclamation point.

Yellow on Gray with a hint of 'honeysuckle'? Hm....seems familiar. Me likey!!!

This is a great example of one of my favorite designery rules which is to paint the walls behind an artwork the LEAST predominate color in the artwork. Here it's that amazing saffron yellow. ( I am totally not getting those chairs with kickstands. I would so be tripping over them constantly.)

(I always get my way with those black and white stripes) I am so inspired by this painting, I wanna just go copy it. It looks like a robber to me, which makes me laugh.

I am not in love with this painting, something about it makes me a little uncomfortable. But I like the concept of a colorful painting in an otherwise colorless room.

This painting is killin' it! Killin' two pigs with one bird. Personality AND a headboard! Sweet!

Photo credits: aw the heck with it. They're all from tumblr and pintrest. So who the heck knows? Except the Manila pic is from RuPaul's (FIXED) DragRace and I'm fairly certain the original source for the kickstand chair room is Kelly Wearstler.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Scherenschnitte Style

Silhouettes via colormekatie.blogspot.com

In the early 80s, my mom joined one of those 'crafty' book clubs, and we received a book of Scherenschnitte patterns and a pair of tiny curved scissors. I took a particular liking to this art form, and many a totem pole- of- farm -animal- silhouette- was cut and framed in oak with a country blue matte! I even made a future birth announcement for my future child.

From wikipedia: " Scherenschnitte which means "scissor cuts" in German, is the art of paper cutting design. The art work often has symmetry within the design, and common forms include silhouettes, valentines, and love letters. The art tradition was founded in Switzerland and Germany in the 16th century, and was brought to Colonial America in the 18th century by immigrants who settled primarily in Pennsylvania."

Today I stumbled upon the website Famille Summerbelle and fell in love on the spot! Check out their Paris, London and New York City maps. Wow!
I started looking around on the intertubes for more Scherenschnitte and I discovered the absolute heights that some artist have taken this form.

Like Su Blackwell, and this Scherenschnitte dress.

And this map of San Francisco by etsy artist :Studiokmo

And of course, Tord Boontje

Then there are things that remind me of Scherenschnitte.
I've blogged about this Marimekko fabric before. Kanteleen pattern via marimekko.com

This wall finish ( yes that's a wall finish) by Modello Designs, incorporates silhouettes that are over stenciled with floral designs for a fanciful and whimsical look. Modello Designs is so kind as to provide the directions for this finish here. (Advanced skill level required)

I covet a collection of silhouettes simply framed and arranged for maximum impact.
via decorista

The piece de resistance girls' bedroom via House Beautiful Magazine.

How hilarious is this? via designvagabond.blogspot.com

I love when old things become hot again and silhouettes and scherenschnitte are on fire!
Case in point: cameo cookies! Yum~

via deliciousmagazine.co.uk

Monday, April 18, 2011

My house: The "Granny Chic" sunroom

The sunroom in my house has been the dining room for the last 8 years because it's actually closer to the kitchen than the dining room. I was looking for a change and got the idea to switch things around a little bit. In doing so, on a budget, I found out I have a little bit of a 'granny chic' thing going on. Not intentional, just a mish- mosh of the last 15 years of my life, and somehow in pulling things together from other rooms, this is what I came up with. What do you think?
I have some work to do, that chandalier is going to have to go. ( I really, really really want THIS ONE)

So honestly, I think the best rooms are the ones with items collected over the years. I call this an 'acquired look'. As much as I salivate over glossy magazine photos, oftentimes they lack life and believability. And so few of us can decorate that way anyway. Here's how I got this look:

I bought those crazy chartreuse velvet chairs at a flea market in Chicago several years ago for 80 bucks each. At the time, chartreuse was UNHEARD of so I basically stole them. They're antique.
This one is my Yorkie Oscar's favorite snorin' spot.
The rocking chair is a little scary to sit in, it's the original recliner I think, but it pretty much only reclines.

I got the black and white striped flat weave rug at BIG LOTS. Yes, BIG LOTS. For 9 bucks. Wonder how long until one of my little canine buddies barfs on it?

The black bench was on clearance at an unfinished furniture store that was going out of business. The pillows were just collected over the years. The most recent is the big foo- foo ball, from Pier 1, and the large black and white bolster was made by my mother and my daughter.
I hope to get a funky loveseat, but until then, this bench will have to do. I stole it from my front entryway, which is now looking a little sad. (Never fails)

The artwork above the fireplace is a unique mix of really- expensive- actual- authentic- art, and my daughter's first grade self portrait. The frame around the self portrait was found at a garage sale. If my house was burning down, I'd ditch the real art and keep the self portrait, just sayin'.

Another garage sale find is this Victorian table, which yes, I painted and distressed.Upon it, I have my collection of Shirley Kramer pottery (the robot head, etc..). Shirley is a local artist whose work I buy, one piece a year at our local art fair.
I also have a sweet collection given to me by my daughter Charlotte: heart shaped rocks that she has collected here and there and everywhere. It's God's little gift to her, as she finds them all the time!

I created this plate collage out of mostly mismatched odd bits I already had. The only thing I 'ran out and bought' was the green plate, which I got on clearance at TJs for 4 bucks. I highly recommend the plate hanging discs, over those awkward wire contraptions.

Every "Granny Chic" room needs a real Granny! That's my mom in her Senior portrait. She still looks just like this, minus the bouffant, lol! (sorry Mom).

I know you can't see this, it's too tiny, but there's a little frame I've carried around with me since 1989 and in it is a photo of a 19 year old me, and my "Gramma Fay". She tragically died 2 years ago and I miss her every day. She was just the coolest grandma and she is really the A #1 person in my life who encouraged me to be ME! Love you Gramma!

blush and gold

via jcrew

A new color combo that is really growing on me is blush pink and gold. Just when I got rid of every speck of gold in place of silver, gold is creepin' back in. This is how hoarders are made, people!!! The pendulum of style swings waaaayyy too quickly anymore.

Pink and blush is quiet and ethereal and pretty and sooo girly. Just perfect, which must explain why I found so many wedding photos labeled 'blush and gold'. In fact, it's been dubbed the #1 wedding color combination for 2011. Hurray! Black and red have been de-throned! (not that black and red are bad...it's just time for something fresh!)
Numbered List Bulleted List
Numbered List Bulleted List
wedding inspirations by illuminationsds.blogspot.com

Perfect for a bedroom, powder room or dressing room, every skin tone looks amazing against these shades.
Have I solved my ugly closet problem?? Hmmmm.......
Awards season showed us TONS of blush pink dresses. And the lovely Reese Witherspoon just got married in blush.

Interior Design is following suit.
inspiration board via colorlovers.com

unknown source, likely etsy I do, I do believe in pink.
I just want that print, anywhere in my house would be fine! How can you not be happy around the color pink?

Ye Olde World....love it in pink! via pink-box.com

via Aaron Ruell photograpy

I am just over the moon for that sparkley blush wall finish there. It gives me an idea of playing around with some foil and glitter glaze. Can't wait to try that out.

via zsazsabellagio.com How about a little pink Venetian Plaster and a warm glowing fire? If you want to up your romance factor, try a little pink and gold. I don't think your man will mind.

Monday, April 11, 2011

closet organization and bling maintainence

Bailey Quinn McCarthy's closet, via Rue Magazine. Hands down best closet ever. EVER!!

One nice thing about this house, built in 1954, it has a ton of closet space. Well, more than the average 50s ranch. Case in point, the master walk in. There's a double stack of drawers built in, that pretty much erases the need for a dresser, and a shoe closet, which I don't even use. I'm a visual person though, and I really need to see my stuff. Those drawers are filled with stuff I DON'T need to see, like paint covered tshirts and yoga pants. And I don't use the shoe closet cause I really like to see my shoooes!!!
Tonight, for whatever reason ( I think it was the latest episode of RuPaul's Drag Race, to which I have become unhealthily obsessed), I decided to clean out my closet. I know I need to paint everything in there, but BLEHHH I paint all week. I found a few inspiring photos that might entice me to make this a destination, but at least for now it's an organized little dressing room.

Laura Poole's closet as shown in Domino Magazine I Love the pattern on the walls!( remember, we don't say wallpaper!) and the framed portrait. It's fun to add personal touches and sentimental items to your closet decor.via decor8 I would KILL for that big island, I imagine it's filled with accessories!

via habituallychic.com This photo was described as being a teen's closet. Sheesh.

Here's my little NOT magazine quality closet. I definately think there's potential here. After looking at those inspiring photos, thinking I really must paint the drawers and shelves a lovely shade of pink.

Switching out those vintage pulls is a must as well!

I recently organized the bling with a simple project of velcro-ing cork panels to the wall with industrial strength velcro and clear thumb tacks. It makes getting fancied up that much easier.

I found these bags for 1.99 each and thought they would make great off season storage. I ended up putting boots in them to get them off the floor.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

My house: what we did today, and some big plans

On a personal note, I'm not moving. You can be sure there's a long story, but I feel good about staying put for a while.
My focus has shifted from decorating for a buyer, to decorating for me.
I've mentioned before the hallway ceiling used to be black (egads!)and was also, until today horribly under lit!
We found this halogen track light at Lowe's for 149.00. It's a lot of 'look' for a little cash. I love how it casts a design onto the ceiling!

Next I am shopping for new carpet for the hallway,and the master bedroom. I can't decide what I want to do here, I've never gotten all that excited about carpet. I'm considering a cut pile or pattern of some sort. I absolutely love this carpet (via jamesrixner.com) and hope I can find something like it in my budget.

I spent the last week and a half on a cabinet job and am looking forward to taking a little time off this week to get my house in order both literally and figuratively. My daughter M would likely love her room finished up and I want to flip flop the sunroom and the dining room furniture. The 'sun room' is currently the dining room, so I want to make the sunroom the sunroom and the dining room the dining room. Back in 1954 when this house was built, it had the smallest of kitchens. In the 80s, someone added on across the back of the house to open up the kitchen and create a 'sun room' of sorts that never really gets much sun.
I'm trying to decide if I should paint the kitchen cabinets, they are due for a facelift. Here's my favorite girl, J. Lo's kitchen. SWOON!!!!!!
via elle decor

The dining room table is currently red with a black overglaze, but I'm considering doing this to it:

I am really excited to do a few fun things around here, and I will be chronicling our progress here.
It's fun to think of how my style evolves; my first house was Santa Fe Bastardizing....the next few were yucky rentals, then I moved onto Vintage Chippy Paint Farmhouse, then Tuscan Palm Tree Elephant Crazy Town and now I have arrived at Crisp,Clean,Bold, Bright Mania.
Have a great week everyone!!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Go big or go home....Diamond Baratta Design

all rooms by William Diamond and Anthony Baratta

If you read any design magazines, you will notice one thing: Gay guys have all the money, and therefore the best homes. If you know me, you know one of those 'things' I say is, "I wanna decorate my house like a gay man." Now, I have no idea if these two are gay or not, but they decorate like gay men (please don't sue me adorable design team that is Diamond Baratta...I think you are the SHIZZZZZ!!!). Listen, I have a degree in interior design. I went to school for this. I dated BOTH straight men at my school, all two of them, you dig? I think I know what I'm talking about here.
So Diamond Baratta...major color addicts, in the best kind of way. Their website says something about clients who want 'couture' design, so I guess it's safe to assume that almost no one can afford them anymore, but one can always look!
Let's be inspired, shall we? (all photos stolen from Diamond Baratta Design)

My kids would soooo store stuff in there, like barbie shoes and hair pretties

wild about the framed dots. So simple and effective

Love the lino floor and the crazy island. I bet it's couture...
Why yes, I CAN do that to your walls!

lovin' the " EVERYFLIPPIN thing in here is purple"! Pick a color and then commit!
oh swoon!
Just literally dying for a client to ask me to do this to their walls.

What can we learn from these two?
1. Go big or go home
2. If a little is good, more more more is even better
3. who cares what anyone else says, if you like it put it everywhere
4. big bold patterns and even more big bold patterns is a very good thing
5. patterned floors are spiffy
6.hand painted walls should be bold and crazy, like multi colored stripes or large scale scribbling!