Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Finally painted some Chevron!

Finally had an opportunity to paint a Chevron feature wall, I've been waaaaaaiiiiitiiinnggg!!!
One of my bestie bestest friends is expecting a baby girl in October and we will be Chevroning her nursery soon, but yesterday I got to chevron another baby room, in 2 shades of yummy pink!

There's all kinds of info all over the intertubes about how to do this, but I think you should let a professional do it for you. It's really mathy, and worky. So....just call someone who knows what they're doing.  Here's the during, ready to be painted up!

Can't wait to receive photos of the room assembled.

Sometimes things need to be said....

Being a professional artist isn't for wimps.


Many decorative artists have learned what they do through years and years and years of trial and error. Many of us have college degrees in Fine Art, or Applied Arts, Interior Design or Graphic Design.  Oftentimes we have paid thousands of dollars to take product specific classes, thus keeping us informed on the latest and greatest techniques available for your beautiful home. Our entire lives are devoted to the pursuit of seeing beautiful things, filing away ideas for someday. Often  our studios are filled with products just waiting for that perfect situation. Our bodies take a beating, plaster is heavy, ceiling work is difficult. Assembling scaffold is not for the weak. It takes an extraordinary amount of time to stay current on design trends. We swallow our fashion pride on a daily basis, to be covered in paint for you.  Many of us have invested huge amounts of our lives to building a business, trying every type of marketing there is just to get that ONE job.....
And now we have to maintain webpages, fanpages, write blogs, pin photos. All of this takes time, ....all of this costs money.
There is a price for admission into our world, and although our work is oftentimes magical....we do not just wave a magic wand. This job takes knowledge, unbridled creativity, guts, know-how,confidence,stamina,about a bazillion tools, and plain old HARD WORK. And sometimes MATH is involved! I know I made it LOOK easy....that's because I know what I'm doing!!!!!

I'll never understand the client who wants a professional artist to come into their home, but wants to pay no more than pennies a square foot. Flooring is many dollars a square foot, so is wallpaper, granite, cabinetry.....
CUSTOM means 'that's going to cost a little more than something you can just go buy in a store'.... Why are some people surprised by this? 

That's why we make you sign on the line, to be sure you understand exactly what you are asking for.

Yes, yes, there is that small percentage of the 'artistic' population who does think they can just smear a little glaze around and get paid a bunch of money for it.
But most of us are busting our asses! For you to have the prettiest...whatever...We take pride in a job well done, we live for your approval! It may not be brain surgery but it matters to US!!! And we know it matters to you, or you wouldn't have asked us here in the first place.

I JUST WANT TO PAINT PRETTY THINGS!!!!.....but I also want you to care.