Thursday, May 31, 2012

Corners of my home

Today I was speaking about my Blog with a client when I realized I hadn't written anything in weeks!  It's that time of year, when my actual business is really busy and I don't have much time for much of anything.
I have been trying to carve out some moments to spruce up areas of my own home and I though I'd share some photos  and descriptions of some recent projects in Mi Casita.   People are usually surprised by the lack of 'faux' in my house. But I do love my funky!   (all paint colors listed are Sherwin Williams)

 Welcome, welcome !  this is my front entry.  I love the happy yellow wreath that I learned how to make from Pinterest  (via  the blog Positively Splendid).   I chose this vintage-y shade of green for my front door and shutters because I wanted something that would funky up the otherwise boring color scheme of soft gray and chocolate brown.
 Just on the other side of my "Alexandrite"  green door is my favorite vignette in my house.  The painting you may recognize from my 'Dancing Palms' class postings.  The chair was given to me by a client and I spray painted it and upholstered the seat with a bold black and white print.  The floor cloth was formerly a 9 dollar flat weave rug from Big Lots. I painted over it and varnished it about 200 times- okay, maybe 10.  I like Polycrylic Gloss, it lays down really flat, and dries pretty quickly and doesn't yellow.  It's really easy to clean, just mop it like the rest of the floors!
 This is my living room, which has been sort of a thorn in my side for many years. It is completely set off from the rest of the house, and has brown ....everything. (wall color "Camelback"). I do like the wall color, and I have it in several rooms, but with an almost the same color couch and carpet, it is a bit much.  I started by painting the fireplace wall a bold turquoise blue and chose  a sea of  pillows in  turquoise, olive, purple,lime and hot pink to break up all the brown-ness.  The coffee table was first oak (egads!), then black for several years and now it is sporting a fresh coat of  "Grapey".
The 12 patch painting is one my most personal paintings. I created this when I was going through something very personally painful and it is full of symbolism (communion wafers, band aids, evil eyes, martini olives...)  and catharsis.  Thankfully, when I look at it now, I feel happy!
I am always trying to sell these 'quilts' to my clients. It's a fun and simple way to get a wall full of wow, without the cost of a gigantic canvas. 

Still unhappy with brown walls, I decided to freehand paint some gold and silver circles dancing around the room...I got about half the room done and decided that was quite enough, thank you very much. I like how it looks behind these paintings though.   The centerpiece of this art display is a self portrait painted by my oldest daughter when she was in first grade. I still love it!!!! (the frame was found for 1$ at a garage sale!)
Last weekend when Mike was away running an insane number of miles 'for fun'....I gold and silver leafed the crown mould, and painted this fun little desk olive green. (desk color " Rural Green")
I have to say, the pendulum that swings from silver to gold to silver to gold and back again is beginning to make me crazy!!!! I have a ton of art framed in gold....but right now I am much more of a silver person. I decided to just mix the two and not worry about it! I have gold AND silver in my house.

My favorite make-over has got to be the dining room. It's not much of a dining room, it's more of an extra wide hallway between the sun room and the foyer, just to the west of the kitchen.  For several years it had been bright yellow and awkward. I painted the two side walls Sherwin Williams "Antique White", and created one floor to ceiling chalkboard wall.  Everything else in the room is either black, white or gray. No exceptions. (the Sunroom on the other end, is a color explosion!)

 This is a project I am currently working on. I striped the top of the dining table, but I still have to finish up the legs and the chairs.  Stay tuned for the Striped Table Top Tutorial coming soon!

We've already discussed how much of a green person I am,and in the laundry room it's "Verdant".  My laundry room serves many purposes, it is also powder room and dog kennel. I decided it needed to also be 'art gallery'.   Most everything in here was once somewhere else in my house or shop.  The three piece funky floral set is from my "Under the Bigtop" collection and is currently for sale on etsy.  
 I removed the white vanity top and had a piece of plywood cut to fit. I covered the plywood with slate mosaic tiles and then had  the sink and faucet installed. I found the funky fish sink on 
 I have to talk about the rusted Deli sign...when I bought the building that housed my studio, this was found under layers of siding. Knowing my obsession with rust, how perfect is this for me! ? I can't hang it anymore, the rust is crumbling too much, but I think it looks kind of neat just leaning against the wall.

I snagged this cute little cabinet on clearance at Hobby Lobby.  This is just outside my 'studio'  (aka 'my basement') and it stores some stencils and other odd artwork materials.  I got the woman reclining painting from Ebay many years ago and the artist, Julie Fillo customized it for me by adding the "Four Daughters" book in the woman's hand.
I love my home, I hope you've enjoyed the mini tour!