Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I'm mildly obsessed with.....great lighting

When I was a student in design school, my least favorite class was lighting design. Mind you, this was the late eighties and it was all about the cans.....however I find myself more and more often wishing I had paid more attention, because for me now, it's all about that ONE GREAT FIXTURE. I even wish I could BE a lighting designer! In restaurants, hotel lobbies, casinos...look around. It's all about the lighting. Without it, well to be dorky...we'd be in the dark. The lighting can make or break the room. Even the most simple room becomes a stunner when it's all about the light, as in these 3 photos. Look at the rest of the room. Pretty plain and simple.

This is my in my sun room, it's sculpture when not lit and a total conversation piece when the lights are on. Flower shaped shadows are thrown around the room when it's lit! I purchased it for 54.00 at Ikea ( yep, that's right....54.00!!!)

.....and at night!

I am personally drawn to super contemporary lighting, but I also like the vintage look. I love the way this fixture has been personalized with a strand of beads and a crystal beaded bulb cover.

In my breakfast nook, I took an old brass chandalier that a client discarded. Added some extra crystals and beads, and then spray painted the whole thing with my favorite Farm Implement Yellow paint! I'm thinking about painting some black details on the shades, but I'm torn about it.

I am on the hunt for a great light fixture for over the dining room table. My dining room is my most difficult child...It's more of a passage way than a room and it lacks any architectural feature at all. I know that the right light will bring this room to life. Stay tuned!

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