Monday, September 9, 2013

Stir Sticks Collages

Hey all!  I had a ton of fun in my studio this week creating these stir stick collages....I had a custom order and decided to make a few more while I was at it.  I knew my laziness (ie  not cleaning off stir sticks after they are used) would come in handy someday. I LOVE these!  I love the idea of making art out of stuff you have laying around in abundance....and painty stir sticks, I have many.

"Brights"   9x 11

"Black and White"  9 x11  (also has lots of sparkley silver!) 

"Blues and Greens"  9x11

These three are for sale ("Brights", "Black and White" and "Blues and Green") through my  facebook page.    Punch & Sizzle.  Each 'painting' is 30.00 plus shipping and is framed without glass.    While you're there, I'd love it if you would like my page (if...of course, you like what you see!)  
You can even commission your own colorway!  Custom colors are 35.00 (plus shipping)  and are framed without glass.  

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