Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's Spring!

I'm really into butterflies lately, and there is no shortage of butterfly stuff to be found.
The past couple of years of my life have marked incredible change for me in every way; I barely recognize myself anymore sometimes, but I like who I see! Somedays I feel like my past was the big cocoon from which I have emerged fresh and clean and different.
Butterflies are a symbol of rebirth and change...and spring!

In my daughters' bedroom I have a similar version of this, but with white butterflies on a pale aqua wall. I have another 'butterfly explosion' in my kitchen. (Oh, that sounds kind of bad, doesn't it!)
There is a lot to love about this room ( taken from Traditional Home Magazine) aside from the butterflies. I love the indescribable shade of gray on the bed. I love the 'granny sofa' look of the headboard and footboard.
I am finding myself drawn to rooms that are really light and airy now, too. I'm always going to be crazy over color, but I am seriously considering painting my own bedroom a pale shade of gray. Possibly in a Venetian Plaster finish.

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