Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mirrors....the cruddier the better

via (mirror no longer available)


Brand new mirrors just seem to be to be soo......shallow. I like a mirror with a story to tell, a mirror with a bit of age to it. Did you know that decorative artisans can make a mirror appear antique and fabulous using a series of chemicals they have been trained to use? Click the link to my friend Regina's awesome site to see a boutique treated to the antique mirror treatment. Wow!!!
A rudimentary version of this ( but not nearly so cool) can be created by dabbing the back of a mirror with toilet bowl cleaner ( use your brains, wear eye and skin protection and work in a ventilated area). I also found this charming version of how to antique a mirror at

And while we're on the subject of very cool ideas....why not mirrors in the kitchen????
Especially a small kitchen, that would really open up the space. Here, simple mirror tiles were antiqued to create a simple yet intriquing backsplash.

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