Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Patina and Rust

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I'm so excited! I am going another show, this time in my home town of Jefferson City, MO.
A friend of mine owns this amazing little wine bar/ lunch cafe on High Street called Capital City Cork an Provisions.
One of their 'things',aside from fine wine and good clean food, is that they have a revolving collection of featured artists.
'Cork' has this amazing copper tile ceiling, and exposed brick walls and a definite vintage feel. ( Photo below courtesy of Dana Bryan).

The interior designer in me wants to make sure that my work makes sense in the space, looks like it was created just for there, while the artist in me just wants to make great art!

I am really interested in working with chemical reactions, like rust and other types of patinas. Because my main goal in any of my work is to create wonder, I am going to focus primarily on rust and patina finishes for this show.

I've found some inspiring work and an entire website dedicated to rust painting! Who knew!?

The A #1 most popular painting that I have ever created is this one, which sold right away. You can't tell from the photo, but it has a lot of metallic gold behind it which gives the whole painting an inner light.
Everyone that sees my work, asks about this painting and I probably could have sold 10 more by now. I am sure to have another version of this one ready for the Cork show. It won't be the same, I would never exactly duplicate my own work, nor could I, since this is a chemical reaction.

For my next show, I want a bolder use of color.
More like this painting I created for the last show.

At my last show, the art was arranged on a 'pastel/neutral' wall, so the look was soft and pretty. Cork has a storefront and I want my work to grab the attention and imagination of passersby.

Here is my friend Audrey McFadden's work on the walls at Cork. I love the way her colors just jump off the wall. Good job Audrey! To view or purchase her work, click here  :Studio Audrey on etsy.

Here's what's inspiring me now.

(artist unknown)

via flickr
Rusted door by Anne Raine

I found this artist, Willie Little, and I am in love....
via Willie Little

Check out his website, it is sooooo inspiring. I am particularly interested in this gallery 'oxidization paintings'.

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  1. Can I ask, HOW are you artists able to get this effect? I've observed it in one of my fave artists who works with skulls and bones..she started coating the skull castings in copper and patina, and iron and rust, mentioning that she made a paint mixture herself that creates the chemical reaction. I just HAVE to know how to do it myself..without buying some kit. Its absolutely beautiful and I would adore painting with it. Can you help me out? ejane1182@yahoo.com

    (also I like all the stuff i see in your blog so far, you're amazing and versatile)