Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Make a statement in your foyer!

I create a lot of custom artwork. Which is usually designed to go in a specific room. I love creating work for my clients, especially if I have painted the room.
 I also create a lot of art just for the sheer fun of it. Designed for no one in particular, and with no destination in mind.  I thought it would be fun to create a room around one of my paintings....in this case my mixed media painting entitled "A Crack in the Universe Through Which We Fell".

I imagine this piece to be in a very crisp setting, in this scenario, I imagine a foyer.  Because the piece is pretty chaotic, the rest of the setting needs to be razor sharp and clean.
This imaginary foyer would begin with a coat of  Fine Paints of Europe, Delft Blue. 

It is my personal belief that lighting can make or break a space, and I like to see my clients INVEST in lighting. I fell in love with this modern chandelier dripping with crystals at Victoria Dreste's blog.   The murano glass lamp is an antique, however I have seen lots of blue glass lamps at different major retailers like TJ Maxx and Crate  & Barrel.

The painting as well as the room are grounded by a simple black Bombay chest, this one from House to Home (.uk) To me it looks like a silhouette of a Bombay chest, which adds a little humor to the space.

I love a chair in a foyer, a place to sit and slip on or remove your shoes.  A slipper chair is perfect,  especially when upholstered in a pale neutral. It's an investment piece that can easily be changed with just a pillow.

The 'Bright Stuff" pillow from One King's Lane pulls the colors of the painting into the furnishings. The geometric pattern also mimics an element from the painting.

I am CRAZY over  this "Brooke" rug, by Madeline Weinrib in  Goldenrod yellow. I think the color is unexpected, but it refers back to the painting. This yellow sets a cheery 'welcome home' mood!

I really wouldn't mind re-creating this scenario in my own foyer!
If you are interested in having me create a custom piece of art for your foyer, or ANY room in your home or office, contact me through my etsy shop!

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