Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Unpainted Walls

I have been gathering some really cool ideas in my absence from blogging. This is the busy time of year for a decorative artist, everyone is coming out of hibernation and dialing those digits! "Hello, can you do something cool with my walls?"
I'd love to incorporate some of these non Paint ideas into my portfolio. Any takers!?
 All photos from Pinterest....to see original sources and more ideas too, view my board "Unpainted Walls".
 Tin can lids!
 Skateboard decks!
 Cookie trays!
 Scrabble tiles!
 Ceiling Medallions!

Firewood Slices!

Pennies!   ( although I think I would clean them all first)

Many of these ideas would be great for floors too. I predict with the rising cost of, well, everything...that recycled materials are going to become a viable option for many homeowners.  Now to start counting those pennies......

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