Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Black and White Halloween Style

Happy Haloween! It's official, I've gotten out the decorations.  I usually have to sit on my hands waiting for the first of October because I don't want to have my Halloween stuff out longer than my Christmas stuff (it seems like an insult to Jesus.)

This year I decided to keep with the black and white theme in my house for my Halloween decor.   

I found this awesome banner at Target for 4 bucks!  I love it and it adds so much charachter to the sun room!

 OOOH!!!! AHHHH! 'Farkles! I love anything sparkely! 

You might also notice my butterfly explosion. I made this out of black construction paper and straight pins.  All I did was print out a page of 'butterfly silhouettes' that I found on google, this was my template for my butterflies.

  I cut out multiples of each butterfly out of plain old black construction paper  and nailed them to the wall with a straight pin. Each butterfly is 'hovering' away from the wall at the end of the pin. That way, they cast a shadow and look like they are in flight.

This was a quick and easy project, I cut out the butterflies while watching TV and spent about 20 minutes nailing them to the wall. I traced around a large dinner plate onto the wall and used that as a guide for placement. All the butterflies 'fly' out from that circular center point. One of my daughters really wants me to swap these out for bats, but I think the black butterflies are 'creepy' enough.

These black and white striped lantern lights were my one 'splurge' this year. Only 14.00 at Target, I'm sure they will stay up year round. I hope to snag some more when Halloween goes on Clearance! (they also have purple disco ball/lights that I am dying for!!!!)

 Have I ever mentioned this "Thank you for your patronage" sign that was in my shop when I bought it? I love it so much it's ridiculous.

My dining room sets the stage for my entire house. It's my favorite room and the most 'me'.  It's the room with the black and white striped table, sitting center stage.   I started 'merchandising' my gray hutch  with this fun "I Married a Dead Man" paperback book that I've had for ages, and added my black hand ring holder and a funky gray pumpkin.

A few clear glass vessels of  dollar store spider rings adds a lot of punch for little bucks.

I swapped out some of my photos for vintage Halloween images, like this fun witch!

I like fun little surprises tucked here and there. In the guest bath, glass pumpkins dance around  the vessel sink. Everyone loves this and wants to know where I got the pumpkins. They are originally from a home decor party and came with a tall vase, which has been broken for year. I don't know why, but the pumpkins just seem perfect for the koi pond sink. 

Not everything has to scream "HALLOWEEN" though... like this little glittered pumpkin on a grey cheveron'd chair.  I have several of these glittered pumpkins that I picked up at the Dollar Store a few years ago. They were originally orange, but a coat of silver spray paint really dressed them up. I was given this chair for free from jobsite where I was painting. A coat of hammered pewter spray paint and a fresh new seat cover jazzed it up and gave it some personality!

I'm not the type of person to , nor am I in the position to run out and buy a bunch of stuff when I'm decorating. I have to use what I have, re-purpose things and hunt for bargains. But that's what leads to the 'accumulated' look that I'm so fond of!  
Happy Halloween! 

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