Friday, November 9, 2012

Christmas Open House....and how I design paintings

It's hard to believe the Holiday Season is upon us.  Christmas just keeps getting closer and closer to Halloween it seems!

I've been busy preparing for the 2nd annual "The Perfect Pair"  pre-holiday shopping extravaganza!  If you attended last year, and you plan on going this year, you will be amazed at how much more stuff there is to fancy up your home.
Wanda and her team of artists have been packing the showroom full of funky furniture creations and now there are several vendors with products for sale year round. This year there will be  cupcakes, jewelry, the ever popular lazy susans, goat milk soaps, my paintings and a bunch of other unique gift items! There's also a huge warehouse full of vintage furniture that you purchase to create something fun of your own.

Last year, I created a whole bunch of huge paintings.
This year, I'm keeping it small.
I think this time of year is all about gift giving, not big time decorating. So I've designed a fun little 'collection' that is all about inspiring words, sparkle and of course my favorite 'black and white'. (and pink...)

Awhile back I saw a photo of the way Kelly Wearstler works. She creates inspiration 'trays' instead of boards. I realized that I work in this way too. I start with a canvas and a general idea. After the canvas has had it's background textures applied, I start piling on the 'stuff' that I want to use on it: papers I like, glitter, broken jewelery, certain colors...whatever!

This way I can see how ideas and colors are going to work together and it helps me streamline my design.  Also I can move elements around and get a feel for where they should live permanently.

These are the infant canvases I am working on today.
I also find that photographing my work in progress really helps me figure out what's going right or wrong.
For example with the 'think/believe' set...I feel like the two polka dotted circles look like a child's car so I'm going to have to re-think that concept!

I've also never done 'seasonal' canvases before so creating winter themed work is a new one for me. I'm really excited and I hope if you are local that you can attend this year's show!

The Perfect Pair Antiques and Salon
November 16 & 17, 2012
10 am to 4 pm

Located at : 266 N. State Rt. 121
Warrensburg IL


Here are some photos of the completed paintings from this show

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