Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Favorite color for the garden :Acid Yellow

I'm in the mood for a party! We have had the grossest late Winter/early Spring ...YUCK! I just want sunshine and cocktails,baby!    I am getting ready for a Graduation party, and I am in the process of foof'ing up the back patio. Today I found YARD FLAMINGOS on sale for 7 bucks for TWO! (at Rural King). Woo hoo! I've had my eye on them for a long time.

   I think a garden should be an extension of the home it's attached to...so naturally I would have to funky/retro garden.  My garden is pretty shady, so I like to use YELLOW and WHITE to bring spots of color to an otherwise mostly green space. I am really loving Acid Yellow this year. How fun are these vintage chairs available at The Perfect Pair Antiques and Salon ( in Warrensburg, IL) . I bet you thought you knew what liquid sunshine was? Wrong! It's hot yellow paint.

 I am crazy about this hot yellow door! It makes me rethink my jade green door. Hmm....

How about this yellow trellis? Even something plain and simple becomes fab when painted a jazzy color! 

I can't wait to pick out something in my garden to paint bright yellow! I like 'Yellow Flash' by Behr (shown below, darkest color.) (original source unknown) 

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