Thursday, April 1, 2010


all photos via flickr

I love stripes. I have always had at least one striped room in my home. Currently I have no stripes, and it makes me frown. But I won't be frowning for long!
My family room is painted Candy Apple red on 3 walls and black on the 4th wall. There is gold metallic dentil moulding running around the entire room. It's like Vegas, baby.
I want to lighten up a bit, and add a bit of whimsy and I am planning to mark off wide stripes in raspberry with the existing Candy Apple red.I cannot wait until summer to complete this project! The only question is should I go vertical or horizontal?

Anyhoo...Stripes are so crisp, preppy, fun, summery. What's not to love?
I am loving these eye candy shots of some fabulous stripes! Painting the navy and white bathroom would require the patience of Job, but what an effect!
Even one wall of stripes, applied in almost a headboard fashion, is fiercely bold, but not overwhelming.
Let's not forget the 5th wall, the ceiling! What a lucky baby to look up and see such sunshine!

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