Thursday, January 20, 2011

Headboard ideas

I know, I haven't blogged in quite awhile..there have been so many walls to faux, so many canvases to paint!
Tonight, I was researching some ideas for an upcoming project and I came across a few sweet photos of some painted on headboards. If you lack an actual headboard, never fear, a quart of paint and a dash of bravado and you too can have a little trompe loeil architecture.
I find myself drawn to very architectural things lately....perhaps it's my need to depersonalize my home so I can sell it that has me thinking of bold strokes that are interesting eye grabbers.
I like the softness of the first photo with the pearls and silvers and the squares ( I love anything square!) but I think they could use a little less 'stuff' in the room. This look could be easily achieved with gold and silver leaf, or foil, or even metallic paint.
The aqua striped room is just....oh wow....I wanna move in there, right now!
With the availability of sooo many awesome stencils from companies like Royal Design Studio, Wallovers and Jan Dressler....any geometric pattern could become a kick ass headboard, as evidenced by the octagons. Although I think one of those might be an ACTUAL headboard.
(I have to say, please refrain from the absolute craze that is going on right now that I personally feel is the ultimate in tacky...please for the love of Mike, no wall stickers!!!!! Something about that perfectly crisp edge, that vinyl shine that kind of turns my stomach.) It's just paint, for Pete's sake....and you just can't beat the look.

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