Thursday, January 27, 2011

Imperial Trellis

I am falling in love with trellis again! The first time, was back in the mid 90s when I had just started venturing into murals and every other client that called wanted some ivy topiary and trellis painted in their kitchen.
After a decade or so of free form designs, I am so happy to see bold and crisp repeated designs are all the rage. (trend alert in this photo: Sunburst mirror and ceramic animal head!!!)
I have been seeing projects all over the 'net using this design from Cutting Edge Stencils ("Allover Trellis"). Because it's AWESOME!!!!

The first place I saw it was at the adorable blog, Three Men and a Lady. Michelle, the blogstress, has lots of photos of her crisp and creative home to inspire you ( and meee!) Check out the ceiling in her guest bath!

This is Chloe Sevigny's house (original photo source unknown). Not sure if this is wallpaper, or stenciling, but I'm going to take a guess and say wallpaper. This is the classic "Imperial Trellis" design. Notice the I I design within.
There is no denying that wallpaper is hot right now. But then you have to remove it when it's not longer hot, and given the speed with which trends shift anymore, will be in about 10 minutes. So of course, you are going to want to stencil it, instead of papering it!
I have run out of bathrooms to redecorate, but I'm thinking an imperial trellised wall would look just smashing in the dining room!

Okay, more....for dessert! Ahhh....perfection. (via the


  1. LOVE this look -- and I would def paint instead of paper since it's there's no seams and it's a much easier prep to go right on top. That pattern is yummy!

  2. I can't wait to order the stencil!!!