Saturday, April 17, 2010

Every room needs a smile....

via flickr user decor8 original source unknown.
via flickr user deardaisycottage

( via decor8 ...I am seeing a LOT of these plate collages and am dying to create one for myself!)

via flickr user missJJj
via decor8

For your smiles.
I go into a lot of homes. I mean a LOT of homes. Really, really nice ones too.
It's not the grandness, the fanciness or the formality that pleases me. No, it's the delightful unexpected touches....that thing you wouldn't expect. I like to be caught by surprise by these little touches , and it happens more often than not. Everyone has a sense of humor, but only some decorate with it.
Even if it's just a small touch, a turquoise door frame set against a black wall.
A spray painted, formerly ugly chandalier...plates or sheet music layered on a wall--
Every room needs a touch of whimsy, humor and laughter! And obviously, it doesn't have to be expensive.
These ideas were gleaned from of my favorite sites to find inspiring ideas.
I've recently come to terms with my whimsical side so I see nothing wrong with a pink rhino head in the mudroom. In fact, it makes me smile.

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