Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Minding my beeswax

Pantone cookies! How clever. Almost too cute to eat. Pantone is THE authority on color, and while I'm not willing to spring the 495.00 for the 2011 color trend kit, I will keep my eyes open for trends on the horizon. I am starting to notice a lovely shade of yellow, clearer than mustard, that Pantone calls "Beeswax". Yum! (via designsponge.com) I like it so much, I put it in my new "I paint everything" logo.
I like this yellow paired with the ever present turquoise. Okay I have to admit that the fact that turquoise is 'ever present' makes me kind of mad. I like to think I was turquoise, when turquoise wasn't cool. And now it's EVERYWHERE....sigh. Oh well, I remain turquoise's ever loyal life partner, even if I have to share with every retailer in America.
I love these honeycomb vessels, from West Elm.

Here's a fun little project for that old brass chandalier. Do you recognize the shape of the yellow one? I saw a jillion of these chandaliers in the early 90s, typically in a 'hunt club' themed dining room. Spray paint it a fun yellow and festoon with some glass baubles. Voila! (photo source unknown)

Another idea for a fresh take on an old stand by....how about painting each dining chair a different color? Who doesn't have a bunch of Windsor chairs laying around? ( ha ha, that question kind of cracked me up!) I'm not sure that's the particular color combination I'd go with...I would choose 'beeswax', turquoise, orange and black. In fact, I just might. (photo via remodelista.com)
Trend alert!!!! See that funny pink chair? That's painted in 2011's official color of the year..."Honeysuckle" . I don't usually think 'pink' when I hear the word 'honeysuckle' but get ready to make that association...it's going to be everywhere.

This room setting is just perfection to me. I love the hint of turquoise on the bright yellow wall, love the silhouette, love the studded chairs, love the funky all white accessories ( another spray paint project...glossy white spray paint turns ugly tchotchkes into chicness! I can spot no less than 3 formerly UUUUGLEH accessories in this photo) (via monolohome.com)
Have fun mindin' your beeswax!!!!

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