Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fun at the Renaissance in Schaumburg

Hey hey! I'm back from my fun little getaway to Chicago. The real reason for this trip was to buy a chandalier at IKEA, but I also got to spend a little time with my BFF since first grade, have an awesome dinner with my honey as well as a Sunday morning workout and brunch for Mother's Day. We stayed at the Renaissance in Schaumburg and it is just gorgeous. Here are some of my favorite lobby shots.

Above, you can see these crazy mesh canopies that are hanging from the ceiling over several seating areas. I want to know who sells these ideas, because my clients are frequently scared of funkylicisiousness. I need some pointers in selling funk.

I'll take one to go, please!

That is one funky chimney!

Ceiling in the Sam and Harry's restaurant. I think this is really cool, but it kind of reminds me of arteries.

I love the idea of this. Some other people loved it to, cause some of these were missing off the wall. People suck.
I love these little metal blooms that were planted between two back to back sofas. If only I had a soldering iron, I'd make one of these!

Me and my honey snuggling on a big yellow chaise. There was someone sleeping on another couch, so why not, right?

Mike snapped this shot of me in a purple egg chair....no that photo is not edited, it's just that I'm having so much fun, I'm actually glowing!! (okay I'm totally joking, it's edited all to heck!)

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