Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Amy's Awesome Anthropologie Abode

Sorry I've been away awhile but I can't wait to show you what I've been working on.
It shall be called "Amy's Awesome Anthropologie Abode...." but Amy has requested I not photograph it until it's all put back together. Humph, Amy. Ye know not how impatient I am. Well here's the inspiration anyway:

Laila bedding from Anthropologie. It's way cooler in person. There's a limey green diamond print in the back ground and the whole thing looks very Ethnic/Art Deco.

Tomorrow I start the stenciling behind the bed. I will be using the harlequin trellis stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils, in black on a gray wall.
I have already painted the walls Sherwin Williams Mega Greige and the tray ceiling SW Freshwater and the crown mould is SW Tricorn Black. ( I really can't wait to show ya'll!)

Here's the stencil pattern that will look so amazing in black!

My second oldest daughter is graduating from 8th grade on Friday ( in a dress my parents would have NEVER allowed) and we are having 30 (plus or minus) 8th graders over to the house, which for some reason has had me working on two paintings for the dining room for the last few nights. I inspired myself with THESE paintings for the aforementioned Amy. These are in her library and remain unnamed. One of my friends suggested "Cluster Pucks" which cracks me right up. Anyway, I am making a version for myself in hot pink, aqua, red, yellow, white, lime and black.
Just a reminder, I am now teaching my Abstract art techniques, click here for info.

Last week, I treated Amy's library to the Sherwin Williams Quartzstone finish in the Cardboard colorway, with a glitter glaze applied over the whole thing. ( Glitter is not showing in the photo, but I use Lowe's Granite Glitter additive in gold and silver, 1 packet each, mixed in with a gallon of glaze. Apply by rubbing on vertically with a big car washing sponge.) One thing about the Quartzstone finish....I have yet to have one match the color swatch, just so you know, don't leave the store without having them tweak it! We had to add a ton of Maroon tint to get ours to be the right color.

The week before that, I created this wall finish in her dining room. I will be sharing this recipe with my followers when I get a moment- Become a follower and get free recipes too!

I'm having fun in Amy's house, Amy is awesome!


  1. I can't wait to see the bedroom! Looking forward to getting the recipe too!

  2. I can't find recipe anywhere. I am lookig to add shimmer to a darker brown paint. I am very new to painting. I already have a basecoat and planned on adding gold and silver additive powder to a glaze but not sure if it will show being that its a darker color.