Monday, May 2, 2011

Color to re-consider : toothpaste green

There's a color that keeps jumping out at reminds me of old fashioned Aim toothpaste. It's fresher than turquoise,greener than 'tiffany box', and way cooler than sage. It's got a definite vintage vibe. I'm diggin' it.

When looking at my Ben Moore fandeck, it's somewhere in the 589-599 series, like "Spring Fresh-591" or "Brookdale Gardens-599"

What do y'all think? "Good"? or "Uh-no".

This is a little greener than Aim toothpaste, but I still like it. Maybe this would be considered 'pistachio'.

the chair is spot on. Not sure I love the wall color with the chair though.

A couple of lighter versions follow, one with a tinge of gray. If you are thinking of painting a whole room in this color, you might want to consider graying it up a smidge. When I was in college, the former occupant of my bedroom had painted it a color most accurately described as 'the bottom of a swimming pool. In Miami. In 1945." It hurt my eyes to be in there. A touch of gray would have upped my GPA, that's for sure.


  1. Love all of these so my response is "yes!" -- but I would definitely add that gray in there. It would not go with my current home design but that doesn't mean I wouldn't enjoy seeing them.

  2. I have green tiles in my kitchen and at first I wasn't sure but I love them now.