Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Carrie Underwood, Queen of all things wonderful

all sparkley at the CMA's!

I must admit. Carrie Underwood and I have veeeeery little in common. I've got no pipes, no mile long legs and no luxurious blonde hair. (Let's talk about that hair and where can I get some?) I love love love this girl.

What's not to love? She has got talent oozing from every pore, she seems genuinely nice and humble, she sings about Jesus and glitter is her favorite color. Her only flaw, from what I can see, is that from time to time, she dresses like Mama Judd helped her pick it out, but ever since she fell in love with that cutie she's been dressing a whole lot better! She's taking risks and not doing the 'country' thing all the time. I love some of the sophisticated, bold and modern choices she's been making lately.

at the Grammy's with cute hubby.

performing on American Idol (after she was already insanely famous) .

You want to have crazy legs like Miss Carrie? ( I am currently on the 'crazy legs' workout plan cause I got myself some of those white dress shorts shown above and I've got a hot date with Mike in the big city this weekend).

Here's what you do:

get a set of AT LEAST 1o lb. dumbbells.

Grasp one in each hand and commence with AT LEAST 50 front lunges.

Now do back lunges. (You hate me yet?)

Now that your legs are all good and jello-y....put said dumbbells on your shoulders and do AT LEAST 50 squats.

Set your dumbbells aside and pick up an AT LEAST 15 lb. kettle bell and assume a wide plie position, holding the kettle bell straight down in front and do AT LEAST 50 plies.

Do that every other day, alternating with running or walking on off days.

Soon, you will have crazy legs, as in crazy good. On your big night out, use a self tanner topped with a glitter lotion. You can thank me later!!!! :)
(common sense warning...I am not a doctor so if there's any doubt as to your health and fitness, consult one first)

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  1. Will you answer my call after I cramp up from the first lunge?