Thursday, June 9, 2011 there ever enough?

It's summertime and I am busier than ever!!! (What recession?) Lately I feel like there just isn't enough time, my kids are growing up before my eyes , I'm not getting any younger either, and I am bothered by all the things left undone.

I must look at my cellphone clock 100 times a day, pacing myself, making sure I still have enough time. I'd much rather have a lovely wristwatch like this one! Might just have to find one for my life outside of painting.

There's a lot to love about this room: the funky vintage cabinet AND the huge clock. Although I think I would be CONSTANTLY reminded that I'm running late.

I guess clocks with hands are 'vintage' now. I much prefer them to digital clocks simply relying on the microwave . I really like this entry foyer, it seems an odd place for a massive clock, but it works.
I think the chandalier looks a little too dainty but the rest of the space is uber cool.

I'm pretty sure this is a wall sticker (horrors!) but I would love to see this painted somewhere. I like the cheekiness of it, in contrast with the serious and fancy fireplace surround.

I found this project at Martha Stewart's website...if you want to make your own gigantic wall clock.

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