Sunday, November 27, 2011


Hello! This hotel is gorgeous!

This past holiday weekend, Mike and I slept in 4 different places in 4 days. Our compensation for night # 3..... was night #4. Poor Mike, on night # 3, fixing the running toilet in the Super 8 with a plastic bag over his hand because he was soooo heebed out! Thankfully, the Hilton was just as lovely as the Super 8 was skanky. With the running toilet, the brillo pad of a blanket and the 9000 slamming doors in the hallway a distant memory....we enjoyed every corner of well appointed and comfortable hotel.
I am usually not a fan of 'theme' decorating...but being located directly across the street from Lambert Airport, a "TWA through the years" theme seemed apropos.

On each floor of guest rooms, there are framed photos of celebrities (mostly 40s and 50s) deplaning. I found Kim Kardashian's inspiration....although I think Maria Callas does it better!

The 'aeronautical' theme was carried throughout,although subtly in some cases, as in these lights over the lobby bar. ( And not so subtly, as in the photos of the 'ugly' side of Lambert Airport in our suite.)

Speaking of lighting, this Hilton was all about it. Most of the decor just whispered, whereas the lighting shouted from the rooftops "Look at me, I'm fabulous!"

Here in the main lobby.... (giant drum shades and blue neon)

In the ballroom lobby.... (mercury glass)

near the elevators ( stacked ball chandelier)

and in the wine bar (repetition on wood panels).
The lighting everywhere was great, even in the bathrooms and weight room.

The other predominant 'theme' in the lobby of this hotel was the use of white as an accent.
These ceramic sculptural plates behind the check in desk were inspiring yet soothing. White makes everything seem pure and clean ( so needed after night # 3!).

White flowers on a elliptical, marble topped and quite masculine looking table. I believe these are Amaryllis, a beautiful winter bloom.

I loved these gigantic white urns, which were in several places in the hotel. Here they create a screen between the Lobby and the Restaurant.

Small touches on an end table....if they weren't glued down....

Most of the art was vintage TWA propaganda, however there were a few abstract paintings that I loved, although mainly in hidden places.
In a back hallway to the ballrooms...
...entrance to the women's restroom! I love how this painting picked up the chunkiness of the pattern in the carpet.

This hotel was very 'me' on many levels with the mix of silver and gold, the white accents, the Venetian glass mirrors, the abstract art and vintage travel posters....I wish I would have designed it.
Please, somebody! Give me a hotel to design!

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