Monday, May 20, 2013

Circus Style

Circus Style

I love hot pink and red together. I really need to get some new sofas in my living room, and while it is pretty low on my list of priorities right now, a girl can dream! I would LOVE  to purchase a pair of   hot pink velvet sofas  like this one!  (this one is from firstdibs, so probably a one of a kind).  Being the owner of 3 male  dogs, I love that the bottom portion of this sofa is unupholstered...(hope that's not oversharing, but boy dogs suck.) 
In my dream with the hot pink sofas, I also have black and white striped curtains and a gigantic marquis letter that really lights up! 

I also love chandeliers in a family room...I am loving this one by Ikea. The only problem I have with Ikea lighting,is usually the bulbs are teeny tiny.  My FAVORITE exploding flower chandelier has one tiny fluourescent bulb in it. Totally useless for lighting the room.  It's really more of 'ceiling sculpture'. But that's ok with me. That's what lamps are for!

Rounding out the scene is a funky watercolor   by C Galla Fine Art on etsy.   I love that painting, it's whimsical but still has a little tension to it. 

And of course in my dream, I have a new  non leaky puppy named Jinx.  

Happy Monday! 

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