Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Kitchen 'AFTER'!!!

I finally got my kitchen all put back together and I am LOVING the results.  It's so bright and happy in there, it *almost* makes me want to cook!

The uppers are SW Antique White and the lowers are SW Jet Stream, but I had them darken the color up, so I'm not really sure exactly what color they are now.  You  might notice the ceiling is painted a pale blue too.  I really like how painting the soffit and the cabinet the same color really raised the ceiling.
Remember the 'sad before'?  It was all so chopped up and busy.....

I also got a  super cute new rug ( which my dog is blending right into in the 'after' photo..)  that is made out of recycled plastic water bottles. I love it, it's so easy to clean. The only 'caution' I would add is to not apply aerosol sun screen while standing on this plastic rug, unless you want to slip and fall and break your elbow.

~xo E

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