Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Crust and Crack

I'm a Gemini. Meaning, there are two of me in here! One of me adores bold, clean lines and a lack of clutter that is the very essence of chicness. The other me, however is still in love with Olde World....aged, crumbling antiquated things that have history and mystery. Especially wall finishes. As a surface designer, Olde World finishes will ALWAYS excite me because they typically employ the use of plasters and layers and textures and good smelling's much more of an event than say, painting row after row of crisp stripes, which is more of a task really.
But 'Olde' can be chic, of course! Chic wasn't invented this morning after muffins!
Yesterday in the mail, Gerard Butler arrived via Architectural Digest. His NY loft is a triumph! Who knew Gerard had such a soft underbelly? A man with cherubs on the ceiling of his foyer! He's got a crystal chandelier in his kitchen for goodness sakes! To die for. Very Olde World and very intriguing.
I guess that's how I feel about it, if it's already withstood the test of time, why would anyone think it's going away tomorrow? My eye keeps going back to that photo of the kelly green does that color ever excite me. But so to does the beat up wall and the well loved upholstery and the oddly out of scale wall sconces, that turn out to be not wall scones at all but little, plaster, Asian ,lady heads.
I've been spending a lot of time lately trying to define my own personal style and I am delighted to say that it's a happy mix of the two 'me's...the sleek and the crusty. I once read a quote by some artist long forgotten...that it doesn't matter if what you like doesn't seem like it will go together...something about your individual eye draws you to an object, and when placed amongst the other things you truly love, it all makes sense.
Don't worry about labels, just love what you love.

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