Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gigantic, Over the Top Artwork

I'm still a little devastated that Manila Luzon didn't win RuPaul's Drag Race. I'm mad at Ru. (We are on a first name basis). Raja is funny and all, but still kind of looks like a man in drag. Manila IS a woman. Look people. THAT'S A DUDE up there. And if you didn't watch the show, believe me when I tell you, when you see Manila NOT in drag...he looks like a dude. So that's over the top artistry there.
So sometimes I am a loss for inspiration. There are only so many blog posts I can write about black and white stripes. So I just googled up my favorite Manila look and VOILA...inspiration! ( who doesn't love a Big Bird inspired ensemble anyway?)

You might be saying...'what is she selling with this?' Well GIGANTIC artworks that fill up the room, of course!!!! I am lovin' this idea and coinkidinkally....that's something I do for a living.
What a way to make a statement: Gigantic canvas. Bold Color. Abstract Funkiness.
It's the dot on the exclamation point.

Yellow on Gray with a hint of 'honeysuckle'? Hm....seems familiar. Me likey!!!

This is a great example of one of my favorite designery rules which is to paint the walls behind an artwork the LEAST predominate color in the artwork. Here it's that amazing saffron yellow. ( I am totally not getting those chairs with kickstands. I would so be tripping over them constantly.)

(I always get my way with those black and white stripes) I am so inspired by this painting, I wanna just go copy it. It looks like a robber to me, which makes me laugh.

I am not in love with this painting, something about it makes me a little uncomfortable. But I like the concept of a colorful painting in an otherwise colorless room.

This painting is killin' it! Killin' two pigs with one bird. Personality AND a headboard! Sweet!

Photo credits: aw the heck with it. They're all from tumblr and pintrest. So who the heck knows? Except the Manila pic is from RuPaul's (FIXED) DragRace and I'm fairly certain the original source for the kickstand chair room is Kelly Wearstler.

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