Monday, April 18, 2011

blush and gold

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A new color combo that is really growing on me is blush pink and gold. Just when I got rid of every speck of gold in place of silver, gold is creepin' back in. This is how hoarders are made, people!!! The pendulum of style swings waaaayyy too quickly anymore.

Pink and blush is quiet and ethereal and pretty and sooo girly. Just perfect, which must explain why I found so many wedding photos labeled 'blush and gold'. In fact, it's been dubbed the #1 wedding color combination for 2011. Hurray! Black and red have been de-throned! (not that black and red are's just time for something fresh!)
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Perfect for a bedroom, powder room or dressing room, every skin tone looks amazing against these shades.
Have I solved my ugly closet problem?? Hmmmm.......
Awards season showed us TONS of blush pink dresses. And the lovely Reese Witherspoon just got married in blush.

Interior Design is following suit.
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unknown source, likely etsy I do, I do believe in pink.
I just want that print, anywhere in my house would be fine! How can you not be happy around the color pink?

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I am just over the moon for that sparkley blush wall finish there. It gives me an idea of playing around with some foil and glitter glaze. Can't wait to try that out.

via How about a little pink Venetian Plaster and a warm glowing fire? If you want to up your romance factor, try a little pink and gold. I don't think your man will mind.

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  1. I LOVE that pink door....soo pretty and a tad unexpected for some reason