Monday, April 11, 2011

closet organization and bling maintainence

Bailey Quinn McCarthy's closet, via Rue Magazine. Hands down best closet ever. EVER!!

One nice thing about this house, built in 1954, it has a ton of closet space. Well, more than the average 50s ranch. Case in point, the master walk in. There's a double stack of drawers built in, that pretty much erases the need for a dresser, and a shoe closet, which I don't even use. I'm a visual person though, and I really need to see my stuff. Those drawers are filled with stuff I DON'T need to see, like paint covered tshirts and yoga pants. And I don't use the shoe closet cause I really like to see my shoooes!!!
Tonight, for whatever reason ( I think it was the latest episode of RuPaul's Drag Race, to which I have become unhealthily obsessed), I decided to clean out my closet. I know I need to paint everything in there, but BLEHHH I paint all week. I found a few inspiring photos that might entice me to make this a destination, but at least for now it's an organized little dressing room.

Laura Poole's closet as shown in Domino Magazine I Love the pattern on the walls!( remember, we don't say wallpaper!) and the framed portrait. It's fun to add personal touches and sentimental items to your closet decor.via decor8 I would KILL for that big island, I imagine it's filled with accessories!

via This photo was described as being a teen's closet. Sheesh.

Here's my little NOT magazine quality closet. I definately think there's potential here. After looking at those inspiring photos, thinking I really must paint the drawers and shelves a lovely shade of pink.

Switching out those vintage pulls is a must as well!

I recently organized the bling with a simple project of velcro-ing cork panels to the wall with industrial strength velcro and clear thumb tacks. It makes getting fancied up that much easier.

I found these bags for 1.99 each and thought they would make great off season storage. I ended up putting boots in them to get them off the floor.

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