Friday, March 18, 2011

Accessorizing 101...

You ever get one of those 'wild march hares' that just makes you want to get busy. Call it Spring cleaning, call it seeing my own mess with new eyes. Whatever it was I decided to tackle the kitchen hutch that usually is such a big pile of paper and junk and ...well, see for yourself here:

This is the landing spot for mail, school work, permission slips, recipes, coupons etc. Paper is my biggest obstacle, with 4 kids in school and a home based business. My resolution for 2011 was just to get organized, and it is happening by tiny degrees.

So what started this whole project was a trip down Hobby Lobby's 90% off Home Dec. aisle, also known as the 'spray paint aisle'. I scored these two hideous fruits for 2 bucks a piece. The last time I was at Farm & Fleet I picked up a can of yellow Krylon Farm Implement spray paint, which is coincidentally the exact same color as my dining room walls.(which cracks me up) So I knew I could make these 'almost funky' fruits 'funky'.


....and after. (forgive the fuzziness....the project also required a coupla glasses of Moscato)

This cake stand was a gift from my mother. I have never really found the perfect spot for it until now. The porcelain eggs with duck feet are from Pier I (several years ago). The milk carton cream and sugar set are actually from the dollar section at Michael's.

I think displays in the home should be a combination of pretty to look at and useful every day. I do use the water goblets and wine glasses daily, and occasionally the the cream and sugar set, and the egg tray. You'll notice I got rid of all the cookbooks, because seriously people, I never follow a recipe. The only recipe I ever use is the one for beer bread.
The white footed bowl actually holds photographs that come in the mail or home from school or church and need to be placed in albums. I found the wire locker basket at a yard sale years ago and have used them mainly for magazine storage. This display was starting to take on a definite egg theme (dare I say" theme"!)so I loaded the basket up with white plastic Easter eggs which I found for 77 cents a bag. (You can't see the little hand painted bird dish that is next to the egg tray.) I can't really reach the top shelf without standing on a bar stool, so it doesn't bother me that the top shelf is purely decorative.

I decided to organize the two junk drawers too. Target carries a 'junk drawer organization set' for just seven dollars.

My personal accessorizing rules are this as applied to this project.
1. Have an even mix of purely decorative objects and things you actually use.
2. Mix in a lot of white with small pops of color (the cake stand, funky fruits and pencil cup)
3. Create balance by repeating a color or 'theme' (eggs and chartreuse color)
4. Add something with a sense of humor or sense of whimsy. I love the duck feet eggs and although they are Easter decorations, I leave them out until Christmas.
5. Less is more. You don't need a bunch of stuff just to fill it up.Seriously, people... less really is more. Step away from the silk florals, okay!!! Use simple, white objects for filler, if you need a few things to beef it up. Use spray paint or items from discount stores if you have no budget. (cream/sugar set cost 2 dollars, simple white candy dish was 4 dollars at TJ Maxx)
6. Create a circular shape or a triangular shape when placing objects. This draws the eye from item to item and creates excitement.

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