Sunday, March 27, 2011

Benjamin Moore Bermuda Blue

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Above are three rooms painted in Benjamin Moore's Bermuda Blue, which turns out to be pretty much the exact color of blue painter's tape.

I had a designer/client once request that I paint a dining room the color of blue painter's tape. Once I had picked my jaw up off the floor, I listened to her request and realized she had a pretty nifty idea. Our blue turned out to be Ben Moore's Bermuda Blue, with a gold and silver glaze over top, which toned the blue down considerably. I did a google search to see if I could find photos of rooms painted this color and found three. It's not a color for the color weary, to be certain.

If you are following, you will get the directions to create this look. It's a fairly simple textile type technique with raised designs with gold and silver leaf and Swarovski crystals.

If you are a new follower, you must also email me at with the word 'recipe' in the subject line.

Here's a close up showing the raised designs. (Remember my computer got fried and I lost
most of the photos for my book. I wish I had an even up closier up close, but this is all we've got.)

The wide shot of the room shows the coordinating faux finish on the ceiling, which was created with several layers of Lusterstone, a product by Faux Effects International, that creates velvet looking finishes.

Decorative finishes always look crappy with flash photography. This finish is really cool in that it kind of changes colors as you walk around the room, which of course cannot be picked up in the photos. I think this is one of the prettiest dining rooms I have ever created, and hey it's not red!!!! I think red dining rooms need to go bye bye for awhile.


  1. Yes, those rooms are definitely blue!! I like them though and I think it works if you have plenty of natural light.
    Love your finish and thanks for the recipe!