Monday, March 14, 2011

Brownies! Oh wait, no, Doilies!

I'm working in this fabulous house again. Last time I was there, I created this dining room. I learned this doily inspired technique from Liz Herrmann, of Elizabeth Designs, in the Appetite for Design Class I took this fall. This ranks up there as one of my all time favorite projects. There are four archways with the stenciled designs, and the sideswalls have a stone/strie effect which is painted pewter and gold. It's scrumptious, even more-so in real life.
I also created this bathroom for a teenaged girl, who has to be the most popular girl EVER because EVERYONE wants a bathroom just like this. I am not kidding, it has to be the most requested thing I've ever done. But since I don't do repeats, it's a one and only! I wish I knew where that awesome shower curtain was from. It was a challenge to design a wall finish to complement it, but I think we succeeded. You can't tell from the photo, but the wall finish is covered in glitter.
Yes, actual doilies were used in both of those projects (along with a ton of stencils in a variety of sizes. My favorite....the 3 piece, She Bang set, from Faux Design Studio)

So, doilies. Not usually something that conjures up good design, are they? When I think doilies, I think of brownies sprinkled with powdered sugar.
But if you are going to do brownies sprinkled with powdered sugar, why not do them like THESE!!! Oh my hilarious. Here's the link on how to make your own,
from Nicole at I love love love love LOVE her blog!


Here's a contemporary twist on about sewing them together to make a table runner? I love this idea and am just sick that I got rid of a slew of them in the last garage sale. Directions are here. (pssst! She has really great DIY projects, she also shows how to make that wire basket light fixture!)

Have you seen that project that has been circulating the net about how to make your own string ball light fixture, which involves a giant bouncy ball, yarn, liquid starch and patience?'s a doily version that is just amazing. via

I know Melissa Leo got panned a lot for this outfit, but I think it's really pretty and appropriate for a woman of her age who is clearly at least half nuts. I love Melissa Leo, please do not get me wrong. I myself am a woman who is at least half nuts,so we are like this, me and Melissa. Good dress Missy!
via gettyimages
Even Lady Gaga has horned in on this 'mini trend'....but the photo is so NSFW.

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