Saturday, March 12, 2011


Oh Hallelujah! The bulbs are poking their necks out, spring must be just around the corner. Tulips are my favorite harbingers of spring. Not so, the woodpecker who decided to peck on the siding of my house at 7 am. this morning. It was totally a sit-com hour in which the woodpecker would peck, we'd pound on the wall...we would get silence for some random amount of time (just long enough to just about fall asleep) and then he would peck again! I am soooo getting a big rubber snake. Just as soon as he finally gave up....the dogs wanted out. So much for sleepin' in on Saturday!
* footnote: fixing the woodpecker damage was kind of a bigger deal than I expected. Praying there are not termites in my house!
Hopefully the shiny reflective duct tape will keep the little bugger away!

The real inspiration for this posting was the awesome class I took this week: Allover Designs with Cynthia Davis of Wallovers. I fell in love with this Flower Power stencil and bought it for the front hallway. I'm planning on applying the design in a sparkley pearl finish on the Antique White walls. We just need a little pop where the harlequins used to be.


That's me in the middle, back row (with the oversmile) holding my tulip sample!!

I found this photo on one of my favorite blogs , a punch of color. I think this is likely a teen's bedroom. It's so crisp and fresh and slightly "Palm Beach Country Club", which is beginning to be my favorite trend.

In my search for 'tulip inspired design' I found another blog I am just obsessed with at the moment...The Lennoxx. Wow! Check out that graphic mural, so fun! I so wish my kids would keep their rooms like this. I guess it would help if their mother had set this example, eh?

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