Saturday, March 26, 2011

Motif: Interlocking Circles

I've been trying to find the origin of the interlocking circle design....but it shows up just about everywhere. Celtic, Japanese, early American name it. It's fresh and funky again. I like the optical illusion and confusion created from staring at this pattern for too long. The drapes in my living room are avocado green interlocking circles on a metallic brown background and the girls and I have endless debate about whether the pattern is made up of diamonds or circles or leaf shapes formed into "X"s. I have stumbled onto lots this motif lately, here are some of my favorites. I LOVE these printed canvas panels from

Painted ceiling by Anna and Jim Sadler at Surfacerefinements.comThat's decorative artisty, stunningly precise, created by Anna and Jim Sadler. Read more about this married team here at

Mosaic tile flooring from Mission Tile.

Wall tiles from Ann Sacks. Not only do I love the design, I love the color!!!

A few variations on the theme:

In the Elle Decor Showhouse, Palmer Weiss designers. via

I have no idea who designed this room, the photo credit is actually ebay. But me likey!!!!!

Roundabout stencil from Wallovers. If you don't know about Wallovers Stencils and the accompanying toppers they sell for each stencil, you should. If you've ever stenciled a large room with a large stencil, you know how much of a beyotch getting the stencil all the way to the ceiling line can be. The toppers are all adhesive backed too. Sweet!

Yeah. Gorgeous. From Tiffany and Co.

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