Sunday, March 27, 2011

Raspberry Lemonade Martini

I've got to be honest, had an odd week. I guess with any profession in which you deal with people, you find out how stange and tedious people can be.

I did have a great afternoon with one of my clients in which I was doing the usual 'waiting for paint to dry' routine, when she whipped out her blender and mixed up a batch of Raspberry Lemonade Martinis. Sweet, eh? Love those clients who see you as a person and not just a worker.

A person in need of a Martini! Ha!

Raspberry Lemonade Martini
1 can of Pink Lemonade or Limeade (size does not matter)

Dump can of Lemonade into blender

fill can with Cheap Raspberry Vodka and pour into blender

fill can with water and pour into blender


Rim the edges of Martini glasses with sugar

Garnish with lemon wedge, marishino cherry or mint sprig.

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