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In the way way back of Target past the shapeless sacks and sweatsuits, is a section I call 'Nirvana'.
It's the 75 % off rack and I've found some pretty sweet deals there. Like the Tucker butterfly dress for six bucks and the Jean Paul Gaultier tulle miniskirt (never worn, but who cares!) Every so often I will spy something so fantastic that I wonder how it could have been passed over and declare myself the ULTIMATE VICTOR....and then I see the tag. Liz Lange maternity...
This. Happens. A lot.
I am a woman who was pregnant for the better part of six years.
In the last 3 years I have lost 30 lbs by walking a bazillion miles and doing a gazillion barbell squats.
I'm a person whose mantra is 'style is where you find it' this is a MAJOR QUANDRY for me! A sharpie or a seam ripper is not going to remedy the fact that it is, underneath it all, still maternity!!!!

Why can't Liz Lange do a non maternity line for Target? It seems she has enough style moxie in her pinkie toe to cover the entire ladies' fashion department of Target.

In what is going to seem like totally unrelated news....a few months ago I finally purchased Jonathan Adler's On Happy Chic Colors book. The cover of said book completely epitomizes my personal aesthetic. (well, what it would be if I didn't have a house full of kids and dogs and a super tight budget) I have drooled over every page in this book (except the 'chambeige' chapter). I look to JA for tips on accessorizing (perfectly edited,with a sense of humor) and his use of color. I love his needlepoint pillows (even this one) and the funky pottery that first made him famous. I only recently figured out that the cover room is in Liz Lange's house.

That had to be the best collaboration ever. As it turns out, Liz and Jon went to Brown together and were best friends in college--so that's why it worked out so well! He really knew his client! (Liz Lange, Jonathan Adler and the fabulous Simon Doonan, who is Jonathan's I'm sure he had some input as well.)
via newyorksocialdiary

Here's what J. Ad. had to say about his approach to designing this house (via House Beautiful)

"I think a room should be 95 percent chic. There needs to be a solid foundation of good design, functionality, and harmony. Then you have the remaining 5 percent to layer on a playful vibe. If a room is merely playful it's usually wildly unchic. Conversely, if it's too chic it's dry and off-putting. I try to strike the perfect balance of chic and cheeky — an inclusive, unsnobby sort of buoyant spirit."

I can't find a definitive date for when this collaboration took place, but it wasn't yesterday. Photos of this house have been all over the net, but I just had to write about it, because it's going to go down in history as one of those magnificent projects that will stand the test of via , photographer Ngoc Minh Ngo

via domino magazine

More recently, Jon and Liz worked together to create a child's room in a showhouse in New York called American Fashion: Designers at the Aldyn. It's adorable.
Take a look!

I love the foil wallpaper, it gives me some ideas for some faux work. (as a photo bonus of faux painting ideas, look at this setting in Kate Spade , Dallas.) White and silver foil stripes? Yeah baby!!!! via

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