Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Orange,Pink, Black and hot!

Hailee Steinfeld at the SAG Awards Ceremony.

How cute is she? I ask you. She is my favorite 'it' girl right now. Not only did she freakin' NAIL it in True Grit, the girl knows how to dress- classy and age appropriately and yet somehow , even though I'm old enough to be her mother, I want one of everything she has worn publicly so far. So if you are going to wear an orange, pink and black horizontally striped dress...you better have NOT MUCH ELSE going on besides a smile and great hair. (Honestly, even though I may want one of these Prada gowns, I don't actually believe I could pull it off. Let's be clear. Nor could I afford it. Humpf.)
So....let's look at some rooms that match this concept,shall we?
Lots of stripes and color and very.well.edited. accessories. Hot pink and orange have been around for awhile, but something about the addition of black makes it really crisp and updated.

Via Flor.com
This drool worthy room features flor carpet tiles and what is sure to be a Philippe Starke lucite chair,which are really cool. And then there's a bunch of stodgy gramma furniture that actually manages to work in this room because everything else is so bold. The black on black wall treatment is an old stand by but it feels very fresh and new in this setting. Much like Miss Hailee!

original photo source unknown via ruthburtsinterios.com

So much to love here....first of all, an abundance of 'karate chop' pillows. Remember that scene in The War of the Roses when Kathleen Turner gives a big karate chop to an giant down pillow? That was 'the moment' when I knew I had to be an interior designer. I love that scene ...almost as much as I love karate chopping down pillows. I am mad/hungry/crazy over the wall of framed prints. Love the orange frames and the huge mattes. A little more black in this room and it would be perfect. Seriously, it needs a black chevron rug.

OOOh, if only the pillows on that bed were karate chop pillows! Down pillow inserts are one way to take a room straight to "upscale".
Love the fussy chandaliers over the simple orange lamps and the giant leaning mirrors. Super fun room! I think this could be a budget minded project. You could find much of the bedding at a site like domestications and the accessories at ikea.

via ruthburtsinteriors.com

Oh Martha, you are missing the hot pink! I had originally saved this photo for a Herme's box inspired room...but it seems fitting here too. I think the accessories are tooo serious,(the butterflies are good, the leaves are ....dead framed leaves. Bleh.) but I love the orange walls outlined in black. I am hoping to find more photos of walls that are outlined. I love that concept and I think it's ripe for a revival. via marthastewart.com

Hailee girl, can't wait to see how you wow us at the Oscars! Good luck to you, keep doing what you're doing because it's working!!!!

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  1. Orange, pink and black. It looks great but I'm not sure how long I could live with it! Love the outlined rooms, that's very smart!