Thursday, February 24, 2011

My house. What I did today.

Since I started blogging heavily ( that sounds like a medical condition!), my house has been a major disaster. Could be a coincidence, but more's that we are trying to get this house ready to sell. In my former life, my former life partner was somewhat of a hoarder, an organized one, but still...the amount of 'stuff' he left behind is insane. Today, for some reason, the bookcase was driving me batty. I decided it was time to thin down the collection, organize it and put a new spin on the whole display.
I had already painted the bookcase Sherwin Williams Grand Canal, which is about as straight up Turquoise as you can get. The inside of the bookcase was painted Sherwin Williams Camelback (aka' the boring beige').

The first thing I did was take every book off the shelf and remove all the dust covers. Then I could see the real color of the book. I organized them into piles by colors, and put the 'colored' ones in ROY G BIV order, starting with blue.

On the next shelf, I placed my daughter's collection of National Geographic magazines, and all the black books, as well as a funky ginger jar I bought about 10 years ago.
The uppermost shelf has all the white and off white books and a collection of glass paper weights.

I covered my gardening books in black and white wrapping paper, because their spines were all beat up. I got that huge Avocado green vase at I O Metro on clearance for 20.00. The urn is from Hobby Lobby, as are the grassy balls (again, a possible medical condition!) I tinkered around with this display for hours until I got it right. The addition of a chuncky, black number 4 finished it off. Sometimes it's best to just move the things around in your house, try them out in places you wouldn't have considered.

I liked the rainbow ordered books so much I did it to the DVDs too, although I have friends telling me that is NOT how your organize movies, and that it is sacrilege to have The Godfather sandwiched in between Pirates of the Caribbean and Independence Day.

Feb. 25....woke up to this blog posting at I O Metro's site.
check it out, all about arranging books.

You might notice on my rainbow shelf, a blue book with chairs on the spine. It's a re-issue of Jane Austen's Emma.
I have just started collecting these classics with awesome covers. I got mine at Niche in St. Louis, but they are available at Barnes and Noble as well.

Books are a great way to add a shot of color and culture. Have fun with it!
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