Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fun Things in Frames

via designer Eddie Ross

I had a great visit tonight with a friend who has a wonderful stationery shop in my hometown. Being in her shop, surrounded by a plethora of custom party invitations, wedding programs and birth announcements, made me really want to finish up a project idea I've been sitting on for some time now. It also really made me want to get married, but that's a whole 'nother story.

In addition to having 4 beautiful daughters, I have 4 beautiful Christening gowns, each of them as different as the baby girl who wore it. I'd like to shadow box frame each gown with a fancy schmancy birth announcement for each girl. I picked ( or rather, my friend picked...cause she's the expert!) a beautiful monogramed announcement with a pale pink damask pattern in the background. Once I get her all the info for each girl, she will be ready to print. I'm so excited! Can't wait!

Hobby Lobby has shadowbox frames that at regular price are kind of pricey, but since they are at Hobby Lobby, if a person is patient, can be bought for half of that pricey price.

This idea got me thinking about other things that can be framed for highly personal, relatively inexpensive and FUN! art. I have never been 'in' to scrapbooking. I find it expensive and time consuming just to cut up a photo and put a bunch of crunchy stuff around it. If that's your gig, power to you, but for me..."Ms. Instant Gratification"...I'd rather shove my memories in a frame. Voila!

Childhood keepsakes are collaged together to create a cheerful
focal point. Choosing items in a primary color scheme keeps the look crisp, not crazy.


I love this idea! I'm sorry I don't have the original photo source on this or the story behind it, but for a game night loving family, this would make a great gift!

In artist Darcy Miller's home, an entire focal wall is made up of shadowbox framed mementos. Keeping the frames all white unifies the look and creates an architectural feel. A close up follows. Via

Speaking of keeping things unified.... Funny how the black mattes and frames give an almost contemporary feel to framed crocheted doilies. The symmetrical way in which the pieces are hung creates visual punch.


I love giving framed things as gifts. I found this artist on etsy. These hand cut hearts can be personalized with names, dates, places....whatever you like.
Sarahandbendrix on
Next time you need a great gift, think shadow boxing!

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