Wednesday, February 23, 2011

want it, need it, have to have it!!!!

Part of the fun of blogging is just writting about whatever the heck I want to. Today, since the as yet un-named foot injury is beggggging me to sit down and shut up, I am doing a little armchair shoppin'. Window shoppin' that is.
I really want a big orange handbag. Not just because of Mike's beloved Illini either. Orange is the new neutral, I've heard, and I'm starting to believe it. Everything looked great on the walls in my orange laundry room. Now that I've painted it 'camelback', which is a fancy word for 'beige'....everything looks pretty much 'meh'.... I swear, I am going to need therapy soon, having a hard time dealing with all the newly neutral walls in my getting- ready- to- be- sold house.
These 3 selections on these 3 celebrities probably cost more than I make in a month, so ima have to wait until 'orange is the new neutral handbag' comes to Target. (via

I am CRAZY about these gift stickers from Since I try to keep a few rolls of black and white polka dot wrapping paper around at all times, these would be absolutely perfect. I wonder if it would be too vague to have this printed "Especially for your from a VanHoutan " since it's a revolving door of birthday parties around here. One of my best childhood friends is the creator of The Plaid be a dear and check out the site. It's loaded with adorable personalized paper goods.
Okay. I think we have a winner! This chevron rug is from and right now they are offering 20 % off and no shipping! Sweet!!!! In my dreams I would get a Madeleine Weinrib wool dhurrie, but in my reality I have 4 kids and 3 dogs, one of which is a yorkie, so ....yeah. Polypropylene.
Damn you La Mer and your addictive FREE SAMPLES!!!!!!! A few weeks ago, my bestie Sherry and I went to St. Louis for the day and spent at least an hour at the La Mer counter in Nieman's where Sherry managed to get a whole bunch of free stuff for the both of us. (She has mad skills!). One of those free samples was for La Mer Moisturizing cream. In the space of the last couple weeks, I have turned back into a baby zygote. Upon further investigation, I cannot afford to buy an actual jar of this.
Jonathan Adler. Potter. Genius. Must. Have. 39.99 at the

Spring is coming, followed by the best time of year, Summer!!!! In the fall and winter, I am the queen of the statement necklace, but warmer temperatures call for something lighter, that I can just put on and leave on until Labor Day. Ever since I saw a Roberto Coin tiny tiny tiny cross on a friend at a party, I have been trying to find one tiny enough to appease me. This one, at etsy, has THREE tiny crosses! I wonder if I could get her to make me one with FOUR tiny crosses? allisonwindsor1@

Now that I am staring 'sensible shoes' at eye level, I am reconsidering a collection of flats. Being a shortie, I do so love a heel. My darling boyfriend informed me last weekend that he doesn't even care if the heel is high enough to make me taller than him!!! My God, could you have sent anyone more perfect???? I think not. But I've also been sent a foot injury, so..... Anyway....this snazzy little collection here is exactly what I'm after. I feel like I've been looking for a yellow shoe for 2 years. I have a pair of yellow gladiator sandals, that I love love love, but I need a dressy flat to mix with dark denim. The sparkley silver in the middle would be so fun for date night and the print would be great to mix with other prints, like a polka dot skirt or cardigan.

Another great thing about blogging, now that I've found all these great things and included them in a blog post, I kind of feel like they're mine!

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