Monday, February 14, 2011


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Last week I got away from Soy City and made a run for the Big City of St. Louis with my best friend Sherry. It was 3o minutes of business, followed by six hours of shopping.

" Girrllll, we have GOT to go to Crate & Barrel", she informed me...I guess she needed some new shot glasses or some such. After a gigantic chocolate chip cookie and a chai latte....we rolled across the street and into 'crisp design Mecca'. I was so excited when I saw the 'store within a store' that was the Marimekko section .

The name that translates to Mary Dress is synonymous with bold prints and crisp design is more often thought of now in home fashions, but it started out as garment company back in the early 50s. Well, actually it started out as a oilclotch company, but that didn't go so well, so they changed directions, whipped up some dresses and with the help of Jackie Kennedy ordering 8 of them for the Presidential campaign....a design star was born.

(via That's Jackie and Jack on the cover of Sports Illustrated. She's in Marimekko. That's also SJP (or Carrie Bradshaw) in Marimekko.

(via ) Marimekko is so iconic, they are frequently 'knocked off'....this is a Dolce and Gabanna print dress, but that's not actual Marimekko textile.

But this is.....this is their famous 'Nikko Poppies' print. Probably one of their most recognizable.

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( Crate & Barrel ) One stop shopping at the store within a store!

(Crate & Barrel) pillows, bedding, table lines, shower curtains , in Marimekko prints, for reasonable prices at your local Crate & Barrel.

(via I really love this artist's work. Her name is Sanna Annukka and her work kind of reminds me of Tord Boontja and Mary Blair mashed up, so no wonder I love her! She has created a line for Marimekko for Crate & Barrel. ( all Sanna photos via her website )
The black and white wheels might possibly be my favorite. On a side note, her work plays into something I'm noticing in the design world as possibly a trend, but I think it may be more long lived than a trend and that is FOLK STYLE. (more on that later)

Sanna Annukka's screen prints in production.

Sanna Annakka for Crate & Barrel

Outside of ready made textiles, you can also find Marimekko yardage. In the 60s and 70s it was all the rage to stretch textiles and hang them on the wall, nearly instant art. I've been seeing this a lot lately in design mags. It's really easy to buy stretcher bars at your local art supply store and just staple the fabric around the frame.
I love looking to Marimekko's designs for inspiration for 'murals'. The designs are so crisp and clean and simple, they would look lovely painted on the wall. Here are a few that I would love to try! These great photos are via

really not sure about the color scheme in this room but I love the giant circles!

Here's a great idea...this Marimekko styled tree mural is actually made out of string and tacks. No paint required! (artist Kathryn Anderson)


  1. I love Merimekko! Great post! Sometimes I go to the flagship store in Helsinki and just check out all the new stuff. The simple clasp bags are some of the best gifts for my mom and sister.

    I totally recommend it for any traveler to Finland to come into the flagship store.

    1. I would LOVE to go to the flagship store, that would be a dream!