Monday, February 28, 2011

Jumpin on the Honeysuckle bandwagon...

For years I swore I would never 'do' pink with my decorating. I was 100 % committed to RED.Maybe it's the kinder, gentler life I'm living, or the fact that my house is now an estrogen palace...but I'm really starting to dig pink shades. Especially Pantone's 2011 color of the year for Home and Fashion : Honeysuckle.
I've had to let this one simmer a little before I could really embrace it, but after pecking around the intertubes for awhile, looking at Honeysuckle rooms, I've decided it's best to reallly EMBRACE it and go all out. Othwise it's just kind of And twee. And Paris Hilton, which...oh don't get me started.
I love the Honeysuckle kitchen cabinets, especially with the black countertops and the tiny touches of lime green. This photo is via a blog I am loving ,
I think honeysuckle works because it isn't too sweet, t's got a hint of red violet to it that makes it kind of rockstar. The photo of the cabinets completely sold me on it, and if anyone knows who is responsible for that room, please let me know so I can give credit where it's due.

How great is this honeysuckle carpet in an otherwise colorless room? I am dying over the panels at the windows with the little slices of pink between the pleats. via

I can't imagine the story board for this room, there are at least 4 different shades of pink going on here. I'd love to see more of that hot pink ceiling. Wow-what a persuasive designer, good on whomever it was! via

Alessandra Branca designed this beautiful and classic room. I think the Baskin Robbins color scheme has graduated to classic color combination status.

I'm wondering where I can inject a shot of Honeysuckle, I never thought I'd say this, but I"m thirsty for pink!

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