Tuesday, February 1, 2011


The chevron pattern has been around most likely since man could draw a slanted line,but the first documented chevron pattern was dated to 1800BC , found on a piece of pottery in modern day Greece. Later, the Navajo Indians embraced this design, which is where I come in. I started out my design life as a textile designer for a rug company. I landed this job because I had two things: a 'background' in Navajo textiles (read: I wrote a paper on them) and a willingness to work full time for 15,000 a year and no benefits. One of my favorite rugs I ever created was based on this design, but alas due to problems with our the dye process in our factory in China, few of my rugs ever made production. It was a short lived job because our factory workers couldn't figure out 'hunter green'. (It was 1993). But my fascination with Navajo designs has never waned and I am thrilled that the Chevron is making a huge comeback! It's such a great alternative to stripes or diamonds,which...ugh, I am sick to death of diamonds.
I keep going back to this room shot, by Blount Architectural and Interior Design. The boldness of the stripes would make the room exciting enough, but the addition of the Chevron pattern at the window makes it almost too much to bear. I MUST recreate this, someday, somewhere.

While we're on the topic of chevrons I COVET...this dress by Vionet on Carey Mulligan is divine. (getty images) Carey Mulligan's stylist is genius and I think she looks amazing and adorable all the time. I'm so glad Shia LaBeouf has chosen this classy and unpredictable beauty who can act her butt off over someone more...um....Megan Foxy. Sorry guys, predictible is just so....done. But I have digressed.


Maybe black and white chevrons on a red and white striped wall is a bit much for you. Chevrons are interesting as well in a tone on tone colorway. The wall in this photo via designsponge.com was created using contact paper! That sounds too much like wallpapering for me, but hey power to ya if you want to figure that one out. ( OMG another faux animal head)

Let's get back to what the Navajo knew....a little chevron can really ground a space! Perhaps a marble chevrone'd floor is a bit of a commitment (via cococozy.com) ....how about a painted floor? (via houseoftourquoise.com)

Feeling a little groovy in a 70s kind of way? This is may be more stock market chart, than chevron, but still pretty fun. (via monobluedesign.com)

A painted floor is a bit of work actually, I'm not going to lie. Especially if you have any issues in the lumbar region of your spine (like someone I know!)

So maybe we just do like the Navajo did and get a really good rug. (via potterybarn.com) Click here to learn how to make your own from adventuresindressmaking.com


  1. I LOVE Chevron prints Elizabeth. Beautiful post. Happy Snow Day....I'm glad you're power is holding steady. XOXO - Jami

  2. Thanks girlie!! I feel like I've been revamping it all day....editing giving me FITS!!!

  3. Really enjoyed this post -- love the pattern! BTW, I don't understand the faux animal heads, either, and they're *everywhere* in design nowadays. Sigh.